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It must be a simple bit of code to randomize the custom avatars. I am no coder. I could do a gif with changing pictures. That would be hilarious! Sajid, it looks like your imagename or file extension is wrong.

It??s called the think big revolution.

Rober, it works fine for me. Thanks guys! This tip worked great for me. Hey It didn't work for me either, I saw the code everywhere in the top Still thanks I'm sure we over saw something. That's great, simple and useful, thanks. It works, thanks.

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It works. Thank you so much! But be carefull for creating a folder under your theme. How about make this into a plugin? Example: Otherwise it will not work. Cool plugin which appealing a new readers to the blog!!! Thank You. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Thank you, guys!!! I will definitely use your service again. My professor is a real jerk! He likes to change the assignment in the very last moment. Like you said, you need to know at least a little bit about everything you do. What a bunch of dog doo! There is NO replacement for a user manual for a new user to a software package regardless of how you may denigrate our knowledge of web pages, php and css and every other darned thing required to set up a website.

You may have thought you clarified issues with this monster of a quasi-tutorial but you still have not touched on the basics for using Thesis2. Net and other languages but just what is it to Thesis? Does it have anything to do with object oriented programming or is it just a word this Chris person decided to use to confuse us who know about object programming?

Hello world!

Can you use both on the same box? When labeling fields do you have to put a dash or an underscore between the words in a multiple word name? Are either required? Do you just put any old symbol between the words and Thesis will accept them all or will it barf on some. Just what are the naming conventions in Thesis; for instance what symbols can you NOT use when naming fields? Is there a list of reserved words or keywords that we should never use when naming variables or other items? What if any classes have been predefined in Thesis2? Good lord man; this is the tiniest portion of the basics I expect to get when I buy a package that is not only new to me but new to the rest of the world.

All of the variables are displayed right there in the user interface. If you do not see a variable that has used the name you want to use, it is free to be used. If a variable is not displayed, it does not exist. Because what YOU want to do with your site is not always going to be a tutorial.

Those kinds of situations are inevitable when building with Thesis 2. Here are a bunch of comments from dissatisfied users of the Thesis2 product. As you will see they are not a group of ignoramus no-nothing-about-website developers as you may have implied in your writeup here. I read every line of your writeup here so I think you owe it to us to read these. Mind you I found these comments on just one site. Just think how many others there must be out there by a user community on which a fraud has been perpetuated.

On top of this, I felt like I was jumping into a maze as I was playing with Thesis 2. Chris Pearson was available through twitter to answer small questions, but why would there be an update released without having some type of documentation or tutorials in place?

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Most confusing to me is the CSS section of the skin editor. Adding custom CSS is very similar to Thesis 1. Thanks Eric! From my understanding so far, I can say that 2. I have had a similar problem. After activating the default skin, my website went white.

Hello world!

I know nothing about the boxes and stuff and had to scratch my head to find out the possible clue. Only after an hour, I realized that there is no document available. It may be good for developers, but think about a normal user like me for a second.

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No documentation, no backup… sounds like an absolute nightmare. I have the feel this Thesis 2 goes into the wrong direction. I think Chris Pearson has made an unwanted gift to the competition by waiting two years to release an incomplete product because without documentation the theme is pretty much useless. Well, here we are a few weeks later….. The man is a joke.

Documentation should most definitely have been produced. Chris is lazy in leaving it to other members of the community to sort out. This was an example of a very poor release. I love Thesis 1.