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Block quotations are used when a quotation exceeds a specific length. Requirements for length vary, depending on the style guide being used. Block quotes can be effective tools for persuading readers or proving a point, but they should be used sparingly and edited appropriately. Some of the more common style guides require block quotations as follows:. When appropriate in the context of the text, introduce the block quotation with a colon.

How to block quote: a step-by-step guide

Begin a new line indented one inch from the left margin; do not indent the first line more than the other lines in the block quotation. Type the quote double-spaced. Do not place quotation marks around the block of quoted text. Set it off from your text by beginning a new line, indenting one inch from the left margin. Type it double-spaced, without adding quotation marks. If you quote only a single paragraph or part of one, do not indent the first line more than the rest.

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One inch is equivalent to 10 spaces. Use block format for quotations longer than five lines or two paragraphs. Do not use quotation marks. Indent the entire quotation by half an inch.

Using Quotation Marks When Citing Information

Precede and follow the block quote by a blank line. Use block formats for quotations that are longer than four lines of text. Use reduced type. Use paragraph indents only if the material cited is known to begin a paragraph. If the block quote contains a secondary quote, use double quotation marks around the contained quotation.

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Toggle action bar FAQ Actions. Print Tweet Share on Facebook Was this helpful? Comments 6. The instructions say to double-space, but the example displays single-spacing. Hi Grammy. Always go by what your instructor wants.

If quotations are exactly 40 words, should these be set as block quotes? No John, the bock quote is only required when the quotation exceeds 40 words. The next line after the long quotation, has to be a new paragraph, or has to continue without indenting, or any of those?

That's right Librarian in Puerto Rico. The long quote should be indented from the rest of the paper. After the quote, you resume the previous margin,. Add a public comment to this FAQ Entry. Answers by Topic. Ref Roku Google Slides. View All Topics.

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