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Language, Voice, and Holden Caulfield: The Catcher in the Rye Part 1

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My essay question is essay number three. I chose to write about this perticular essay question because as i read it made me really think about the true defintion of phoniness. It also made me relate my definition to Holden's definition of phoniness in his perspective. Holden believes that if one is phony they are corrupt. Drea, Nice! I'm glad that this question made you analyze the definition of phoniness, that's exactly where you want to go with your thought process.

Holden is a 17 year old boy as he's telling this story, and though he's good at English, he is rather bound of up in his unrefined lexicon the words he knows how to use. Holden uses phoniness as a blanket term for so many things, as you put it: "everything that's wrong in the world around him.

There is certainly a surplus of things that Holden calls phony. I'm excited to read your essay, it sounds like you've got some good ideas brewing! If Holden had a more refined vocabulary, how would he describe the world rather than phony? If he had a more refined vocabulary, we might conclude he'd be more mature, maybe he'd perceive the world differently? Would he still call it all phony? Is his overuse of phony an indication of immaturity? I'll stop bombarding you with questions, your post just got me thinking a whole lot.

Essay 1. Holden is symbolized by the ducks because they are both forced to move on once the environment around them becomes too much for them to bear. Holden becomes overwhelmed by the phoniness at Pencey and can't stand to stay there any longer.

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The ducks have to move out of the lagoon once it becomes too cold for their survival. Holden can also be symbolized by the ducks in that they both don't know where they're going in life. When the ducks are migrating, they may not always have a set place they are migrating to. They just move on until the climate suites them.

The Catcher in the Rye Short Essay - Answer Key

Holden doesn't know where he's going in life and thinks if he can figure out where the ducks go it might help him figure out where he's headed in life. Jane can by symbolized by the ducks because of her innocence and the hostile environment she faces. The duck's lagoon is situated in the middle of New York. There are so many things threatening the ducks like people and pollution. Jane is threathened by her stepfather. Even though she tells Holden her stepdad isn't messing around with her, it's pretty obvious there's something going on there.

I'm doing question 3. Thru out the book Holden shows examples of going crazy. He has in one occasion felt like he was gonna fall when he reached the end of the sidewalk. He felt like he was never gonna reach the other side. It seems he has some problems inside him that is making him feel this way. It might be psycholgically. Laura, The idea of pollution as being represented by her despicable stepfather is great. I hope you elaborate on that in your essay.

If you can take the interpretations of Jane and Holden being symbolized by the ducks much further than we discussed in class you can omit a third character interpretation. Just make sure you go deep into it. IT sounds like you've got a good grasp on this symbolism! Raquel, Assume that it is psychological, not that it seems to be, he ends up in a mental home. The falling example can be supplemented by Antolini's advice.

Go back and look at that chapter where he talks to Antolini and see if you can find where the idea of falling was planted into Holden's mind. Just a little advice from someone Holden listens to affects how he walks down the street!